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Emmy Noms

For twenty years, I had the pleasure of serving in the role of series producer for Classroom Close-up NJ, an Emmy award-winning show produced by the NJEA. The show, airing every week on New Jersey's PBS affiliate, is about positive stories happening in schools around the state. It was tough to see production end last December, but I was confident I would continue doing something with an education focus. Over the past months, I've continued working on education-themed projects, among other things. And Classroom Close-up is very much in my thoughts this month as we received news that the show has once again been nominated for four more Mid-Atlantic Emmys. I've always appreciated the recognition from my peers, but for me, the best part has been working with a team of professionals on a project that has made a difference in the lives of so many educators, students, and parents. Going forward, my wish is that I'm able to continue working on projects with the kind of life-affirming energy that always surrounded Classroom Close-up NJ.

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